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Let us cater your simple corporate luncheon, birthday party, wedding, rehearsal dinner, company picnic, anniversary party, life celebration, picnic or specially designed events.

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Choose from our wonderful selection of fiesta packages, or we can design a menu and fashion an event to accommodate your catering needs. Our gracious staff will provide the caring and detailed service our in-house guests have come to expect from us.

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Let El Coyotito Mexican & Seafood Restaurant cater your next party.


Helpful food preparation tips

The three most important things to remember about serving prepared foods are:


Keep HOT foods HOT!

Hold hot cooked foods between 140°F and 165°F until serving time. Harmful bacteria can grow rapidly below 140°F. When food is cooked to temperatures of 165°F to 212°F, most food-poisoning bacteria is killed. The higher the heat, the less time it takes to kill bacteria.


Keep COLD foods COLD!

Cold food should be held at 40°F or colder. Harmful bacteria can multiply quickly above 40°F. Cold temperatures keep most harmful bacteria from growing and multiplying. Freezing at 0°F prevents additional bacteria growth.


Follow the 2-Hour Rule

The absolute maximum time for leaving prepared foods at room temperature is 2 hours - including time for preparation, serving and eating. Discard any perishable foods left at room temperature longer than 2 hours. If you are eating outdoors at a picnic or cookout where temperatures are over 90°F, discard foods after 1 hour.


Handling Leftovers

Catering to Bring the Flavor of Mexico to You

  • Wash hands before and after handling leftovers. Use clean utensils and surfaces

  • Divide leftovers into small units and store in shallow containers for quick cooling. Refrigerate within 2 hours of cooking

  • Discard anything left out too long

  • Date leftovers so they can be used within a safe time. Generally, they remain safe when refrigerated for three to five days. If in doubt, throw it out

  • Never taste a food to determine if it is safe. Even a small amount of contaminated food can cause illness

  • When reheating leftovers, reheat thoroughly to a temperature of 165°F or until it's hot and steamy. Bring soups, sauces and gravies to a rolling boil.